The Week of March 2nd: 10 things eft's been reading

Some key questions on Amazon’s real impact on retail, a look at actual AI applications in logistics and a $60m ship is scrapped.

1) Is eCommerce driving logistics or is logistics driving eCommerce? Well there’s just one thing missing in this equation – ahem the customer – ahem - E-commerce or logistics — Which is the real driver? [Hit.The.Button.]

2) One of the interesting fall-outs from the Kraft takeover of Unilever is the significant amount of savings that could have been made should the takeover have gone ahead. 'Unilever must cut costs after fending off Kraft Heinz' [Supply Management]

3) Frequent eft collaborator Charles Brewer (CEO at DHL eCommerce) recently detailed some of the ways last mile is going Hi-tech. ‘The Last Mile Goes High Tech…’ [LinkedIn]

4) Walmart remains the worlds biggest retailer, but for how much longer? And more importantly ‘Can Walmart grow its online business profitability?’ [RetailWire]

5) [VIDEO] Nike often gets classified as a brand more than a manufacturer. Here’s a glimpse inside Nike’s Air Manufacturing Innovation facility in Oregon.  [YouTube]

6) AI is becoming a peak buzzword in logistics. With autonomous vehicles still in their infant stages, how is the technology actually being used in logistics? ‘The AI Revolution is disrupting logistics; you just don’t notice.’ [Hit.The.Button.]

7) Amazon is certainly disrupting retail, but is it really the most innovative company? ‘Is Amazon the most innovative company in retailing?’ [RetailWire]

8) It was delivered in 2010 for $60m, sold for scrap in 2017 for $5.5m. Why? ‘Shipping slump: Why a vessel worth $60m was sold as scrap’ [BBC]

9) Warehousing has been booming in the wake of eCommerce growth. But that boom might be softening. ‘Giant Warehouses Built at Rapid Pace in Fourth Quarter While Tenant Interest Declined’ [WSJ]

10) For the second time this week, Amazon is certainly disrupting retailer, but what is Amazon’s real impact on retail jobs? ‘Sorry, but Amazon isn’t actually annihilating retail jobs’ [Wired] 


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