The Week of January 9th:10 things eft’s been reading

2017 – the year of the self-driving car? Trump’s next supply chain target. The difference in retail experiences around the world.

1) Amazon’s keeps hiring thousands of seasonal workers to cope with the Christmas crush. They actually keep increasing their droid worker numbers as well. Amazon’s robot army grows by 50 percent. [Seattle Times]

2) It’s clear that shipping containers are critical to the way goods are transported around the world. How important are they? The simple steel box that transformed global trade. [BBC]

3) In 2017, more people than ever before will ride in self-driving cars. Fact. But actually pretty amazing to consider. The technology is really on the cusp of totally transforming the industry. More people will ride in self-driving cars in 2017. Here’s what they can expect. [Recode]

4) Forget people working with drones, what about drones working with robots? It’s all set to happen. Robots and drones will work together to deliver all our goods. [engadget]

5) The self-driving car boom is changing the supplier landscape for automotive as traditional car manufacturer suppliers adapt to the new realities of the industry. Car Suppliers Vie for Major Role in Self-Driving Boom. [WSJ]

6) [VIDEO] A visual-take (infographic?) on eCommerce by DHL. DHL eCommerce: The world is changing. [Youtube]

7) Just before the holidays, Amazon completed is first drone delivery in Cambridge, UK. Here’s that footage! Watch Amazon’s first delivery made completely by drone. [Recode]

8) The retail experience is very different depending on where you go. The UK has been very eCommerce heavy for years where North America has been a lot more in-store focussed. Japan is a whole different game altogether. How Do Retail Experiences Differ Between Japanese and American Consumers? [hypebeast]

9) Google has decided it might be better to sell self-driving technology than to be a car manufacturer itself. A continuation of the changing supplier landscape of automotive.Google’s Self-Driving Car Company Is Finally Here. [Wired]

10) One of the highlights of the President Elect’s press conference yesterday was some of the things he mentioned on Big Pharma. Trump's Next Supply Chain Target: Big Pharma. [Forbes]

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