The Week of February 2nd: 10 things eft's been reading this week

This week's round up

1. As retail continues to be reinvented, retailers continue to reinvent. ‘Gap envisions a future with augmented-reality ‘dressing rooms’’ [Engadget]

2. The anti-globalization narrative has been headline-grabbing. But is it actually seeing any traction? DHL has just released its Global Connectedness Index which explores just this. ‘Is the Economic Engine of Globalization Running Out of Gas?’ [SupplyChainBrain]

3. [VIDEO] Prime seems to have created a significant advantage for Amazon by raising the delivery-expectations for consumers. How does it actually work? [GeekWire]

4. [VIDEO] Another competitive advantage of Amazon’s has been its usage of warehouse Robots. Here’s a glimpse into them in action. [Mind Blowing Videos]

5. [VIDEO] eCommerce is booming around the world. Here’s a 360 video of a Chinese delivery driver navigating Beijing’s streets. [NY Times]

6. As Prime continues to benefit Amazon, Walmart’s  take fails to take off. ‘Walmart Drops Rival to Amazon Prime, Offers Free Two-Day Shipping On Some Orders’ [Fortune]

7. On the back of this, USA Today did a quick analysis of where you can get cheaper products. Spoiler alert: It’s not always Amazon. ‘Amazon vs. Walmart: Where can you get the best deal with free shipping?’ [USA Today]

8. The battle for grocery store supremacy is already hot. Ocado is kicking things up a notch by introducing robotics to its supply chain. ‘Ocado is developing robot hands that won’t bruise bananas’ [TechCrunch]

9. This one’s pretty self-explanatory. ‘Online Sales Skyrocketed This Holiday – Will Amazon’s Profit Follow?’ [FastCompany]

10. Sears has really struggled adapting to modern retail realities. How did they get to that point? ‘How Sears arrived at death’s door’ [RetailDIVE] 

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