The Week of February 15th: 10 things eft's been reading

10 Things – eCommerce, Ecommerce E-commerce – turns out, people are still talking about it

1. The velocity of eCommerce is putting an increasing strain on the demands retailers are putting on their suppliers. Drapers has done an in-depth look into some of the struggles going on in apparel specifically. ‘Drapers Investigates: Is the supplier-retailer relationship at breaking point?’ (free sign-in required) [Drapers]

2. Remember how Derek Zoolander could only turn left? If he was a delivery van, he’d save loads of money. ‘UPS drivers don’t turn left—and it saves them 10 million gallons of gas a year’ [Quartz]

3. Ocado are doing a lot of work in the UK to automate grocery deliveries. One of the ways they’re able to make this affordable is through automation. ‘Shopping robots on the march in Ocado’ [BBC]

4. Drone delivery might have hit a major road-block and funnily enough it is lack of regulation. ‘Trump’s freeze on new regulation means that we won’t get drone delivery anytime soon’ [Recode]

5. We’re about to release our Global Logistics Report and one finding is that tech-enabled logistics providers are really establishing themselves in the industry. But, are they actually as good as they say they are? ‘Freight booking platforms: our beef is with inefficiency - not forwarders. But can they deliver?’ [The Loadstar]

6. Around the office, Amazon’s chipping costs are always a hot topic – is the company actually making money on its headline-service of retail? ‘The cost of convenience: Amazon’s shipping losses top $7B for first time’ [GeekWire]

7. Home Depot has made FastCompany’s list of most innovative companies of 2017…why? One word, eCommerce. ‘Why The Home Depot Is One Of The Most Innovative Companies Of 2017’ [FastCompany]

8. Amazon is usually associated with being a digital company – part of the dot-com generation. But increasingly, they gaining more and more of a stake in the physical world. ‘How Amazon Is Infiltrating The Physical World’ [FastCompany]

9. Who says mobile isn’t transforming supply chain? ‘US mobile sales grow 45% in Q4’ [Internet Retailer] and you can bet that a huge number of them will track their deliveries, check inventory etc.  that way as well.

10. 'No one really wants same-day delivery’ hands up everyone that heard that one when Prime came out? ‘Same Day Delivery An Opportunity Area for Retailers vs. Amazon’ [Multichannel Retailer]

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