Video: Women In Logistics – Lean In Moment Part 1

Following on from a fascinating infographic Morai Logistics recently released on women in the Logistics Industry, eft organised a panel of five women, all leaders in the logistics at the 12th 3PL Summit, June 2014, Chicago.

You can see the infographic here


Susan Kichuk – Senior Vice Ppresident Corporate Development at DB Schenker
Kelli Saunders – President at Morai Logistics
Sheila Hewitt – Vice President International at Transplace
Andrea Hargrave – Senior Manager Supply Chain International at USG Corporation
Lisa Dolan – Vice President Supply Chain Strategy at ALOM

Moderated by Michele CarrollCarrollco Marketing

Women in Logistics Panel - Lean in moment part 1 – Watch here

The Women in Logistics panel started by looking at each woman’s path into the logistics industry and therole being a women played in the male-dominated industryof logistics. The panel was one of the highlights of the whole 3PL Summit, with some of the most passionate, personal discussions of the event. With such great discussion, we’ve divided up the recorded session into multiple videos to give you a glimpse at the work leading women are doing in logistics, how they got to their high-level roles, what the key moments were along the way, and how they see the role of women in the industry evolving.

In video part 1, Michele Carroll spoke about Sheryl Sandberg’s (COO of Facebook) recent book ‘Lean in’ and how women tend to let lean in moments pass by. (explain what a lean in moment is here) Using the ‘Lean in’ concept, Michele asked the panellists to divulge their ‘Lean In’ career moments. This video is the first in a two-part series on ‘Lean in’ and includes insight on Sheila Hewitt, Andrea Hargrave and Lisa Dolan’s ‘Lean In’ moments. Part two will reveal Susan Kichuk’s and Kelli Saunders’ ‘Lean In’ moments. The next video series will include their personal biographies, their mentors and how they handled both a family life and leading business roles. 

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