Haley Garner

Haley Garner

Haley Garner is a Research Director at eft. He’s held this position since 2011.

How could Zara possibly dominate online retail like it did offline?

Mar 30, 2017
We’ve just been having a debate in office: in the world of omnichannel, why is Zara still the poster-child of retail?

Plug-and-play supply chain

Feb 17, 2017
Agility, visibility and efficiency are all key concepts of any supply chain. With a huge number of organizations facing over 10 supply chains, according to a recent white paper released by DHL Supply Chain, how can they successfully execute

5 Things Trump Said in the NY Times Interview that Relate to Supply Chain

Nov 23, 2016
A new President means new policy direction. This all has implications for US as well as global supply chains.

Niche > broad

Nov 16, 2016
Get specific with your startups!

4 ways blockchain will change supply chain forever and 4 things preventing it from doing-so

Nov 16, 2016
The supply chain industry isn’t known for being a first adopter – it’s still learning to use data, leverage mobile devices and take advantage of the sharing economy. This might be changing though.

5 Ways To Nail Content Marketing In The Supply Chain Industry

Nov 25, 2015
Supply chain’s complexity increases by the day as data floods the industry, consumer expectations rise and brand new technologies are proving unprecedented ROI. Solution providers such as logistics service-providers and technology providers are increasingly struggling to differentiate themselves from competition and drive real value for their customers.

Europe’s Most Desirable Logistics Locations - Revealed

Jul 20, 2015
eft are once again surveying the industry to compile the definite ranking of top 100 logistics locations in Europe.

Relive the 3PL Summit & CSCO Forum

Jul 1, 2015
eft has put together a storify with all of the social media conversations that happened during the 3 day event in Chicago 16-18 June