What does customer centricity mean for a modern company’s back office?

Sep 13, 2016
On October 6th we’re going to have the pleasure to speak to two industry veterans as they discuss the ins and outs of how businesses are readjusting their back-office systems to be compatible with customer-centricity.

Order to Cash: Maintaining Control in a Customer-Centric Environment

Sep 8, 2016
New technology has changed how customers interact with businesses.

Thriving in a World of Commoditized Logistics

Sep 7, 2016
Despite ongoing pressures to serve their customers at the lowest possible price point, logistics service providers have a great opportunity to deliver high-value, customer-centric services while maintaining profitability in a commoditizing industry.

‘Uberization’ has arrived – can logistics survive?

Apr 27, 2016
Logistics companies are increasingly using technology to help activate under-used assets. But that’s just the tip of the ice-berg. The ‘Uberization’ of logistics is set to completely change the way logistics is done.

Dynamo and Transfix join Disrupt Logistics Hackathon

Apr 25, 2016
eft is happy to announce that Dynamo and transfix have both signed-up as supporters of the upcoming Disrupt Logistics Hackathon.

The Inside Scoop: Future of Omnichannel Supply Chain and How Leading Retailers are Building their Strategy

Apr 20, 2016
Having complete inventory visibility for effective demand-planning and a robust distribution and supply chain network, are the two key things to master in order to be truly omnichannel.

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - March 2016

Mar 22, 2016
Georgia Logistics compiles a monthly set of facts and figures regarding the Logistics Markets. We selected a few facts to share with you :-

UK vs USA Omnichannel Winner? (Part 2 of 6-part Podcast Series)

Mar 9, 2016
Tactical discussion on distribution-center redesign for omnichannel fulfilment and complete inventory visibility with John Munnelly, Head of Operations at John Lewis ($13+ billion British department store chain), responsible for JL’s state-of-the-art 2mn sqft automated distribution center, fulfilling to both stores and customers.

Jabil, Bose & Zebra Technologies Exclusive Q+A Interview

Mar 9, 2016
As the hi-tech industry is faced with increasingly complex global markets, increased customer pressures, evolving demand for real-time shipment visibility, reduced cycle times and inventory levels coupled with major economic fluctuations, hi-tech supply chain executives are looking for solutions that can help meet these challenges.

M&S’s David Walmsley on Omnichannel Supply Chain Strategy (Part 1 of 6-part Podcast Series)

Mar 2, 2016
Strategy is one of many recent publications to highlight UK’s status as one of the world’s leaders in omnichannel retail. Why is the UK always so consistently highly ranked?