Brexit’s Impact on Online Retail

Apr 20, 2017
While we’re still a bit unclear on Brexit’s full impact, it is sure to change the way people do business. This infographic from 2flow.ie analyses the impact Brexit could have on online retail and it is predicted to have a devastating effect. Retailers need to be ready is the main message from the infographic and they need to assess how all areas of their business will be affected.

The Week of April 10th: 10 things eft's been reading

Apr 13, 2017
Zara’s not as fast as we all think, Volkswagen’s CEO is annoyed at DHL, Full as in end-to-end as in top to bottom warehouse automation is probably now with us.

The Week of April 3rd: 10 things eft's been reading

Apr 6, 2017
10Things – They’re taking ov0100 1010111 101010010010 1011011110 10101110 (Robots, robots and more robots)

The Week of March 27th: 10 things eft's been reading

Mar 30, 2017
Otto weighs in on AI; Automation’s tole on the workforce is quantified, Retailers fight to stay relevant

The Week of March 20th: 10 things eft's been reading

Mar 23, 2017
Yes of course, Amazon is still mentioned, but this week we went down the internet rabbit hole with Walmart

The Week of March 13th: 10 things eft's been reading

Mar 16, 2017
10Things – Internet shopping at work to be banned?

The Week of March 9th: 10 things eft's been reading

Mar 9, 2017
Moon delivery, drone delivery, bicycle delivery.

The Week of March 2nd: 10 things eft's been reading

Mar 2, 2017
Some key questions on Amazon’s real impact on retail, a look at actual AI applications in logistics and a $60m ship is scrapped.

Engaging Your Customers During The Last Mile

Feb 21, 2017
In today’s on-demand environment, customers want to have full visibility over their deliveries, as well as an open line of communication with both the business itself and the person making the delivery.

The Week of February 15th: 10 things eft's been reading

Feb 15, 2017
10 Things – eCommerce, Ecommerce E-commerce – turns out, people are still talking about it