First aircraft Airbus components transported by DHL arrive in Mobile, Alabama from Hamburg, Germany

Jun 25, 2015
DHL Industrial Projects provides multimodal transport concept for highly sensitive break-bulk goods with unit weights of thirty tonnes.

Survey shows 89% of Supply Chain Managers Don't Have a Close Relationship With Their Suppliers

Jun 23, 2015
A recent survey from CIPS shows that only 11% of supply chain managers maintain a close relationship with their suppliers. The majority of those surveyed either have relationships with tier one suppliers only, or don’t have any relationships at all.

Walmart Executives Discuss their Omni-Channel Logistics Initiatives at the 3PL Summit Last Week in Chicago

Jun 23, 2015
Kevin X. Jones, the Vice President of Inbound Transportation at Walmart, and Sheila Taylor, the Vice President of Logistics at Sam’s Club, discussed Walmart’s approach to omni-channel logistics at the eft's 3PL Summit & CSCO Forum last week.

Driving Organizational Alignment

Jun 23, 2015
How can we move forward if we cannot align? In supply chain strategy documents, terms like alignment, agility, responsiveness, and flexibility dot the page. At a principle level everyone agrees with the concepts. In meetings, groups nod their heads that...

Winners of annual eft North American 3PL Awards Revealed

Jun 17, 2015
The winners for this year's eft North American 3PL Awards were announced and celebrated at a reception during the eft 13th Annual North American 3PL Summit

Mergers and Acquisitions on the Increase in the Transport and Logistics Sector

Jun 10, 2015
PwC suggests economic recovery is whetting multinationals’ appetite to purchase independent freight forwarders.

eft releases CSCO Forum Brochure: Vodafone, Spar, Maxeda DIY & Walt Disney Company confirmed to speak

Jun 9, 2015
The 2015 Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum Brochure has just been released, including new fantastic speakers, exciting topics and great networking opportunities. This year’s event will be happening in eft’s new oustanding venue, the De Maaspoort Theatre...

The State of Online Logistic Sales: the $6.7 trillion opportunity

Jun 9, 2015
The freight sector is a major contributor to the world economy, handling over $19 trillion annually in global exports. But with changing demands from shippers, a competitive sales environment and dropping profits, what is the current state of online...

Big Data and Supply Chain Analytics Offering Benefits of Continual Improvements and More….

Jun 9, 2015
Big data is more useful than many people fully realize. That being said, there are a few different ways that big data can be used to help optimize supply chains for a wide range of companies. These seven solutions can help any business visualize how big...

How Market Conditions Affect Carrier Decisions

Jun 4, 2015
Carriers respond to market demand in different ways, though it is common to base decisions on the strengths of their relationships with shippers.