Kelli Saunders

Kelli Saunders

Here Come the Drones…

Apr 28, 2015
The Federal Aviation (FAA) granted approval to e-retailing giant to test-fly their new advanced drones, under certain provision, for potential delivery. This latest petition received quick approval from the FAA compared to past efforts this...

Where Will You Manufacture? Near-shoring vs. Re-shoring

Apr 15, 2015
A lack of quality space remains one of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers in the U.S. Emerging technological advances, such as improved measuring/process control, advanced digital technologies and sustainable manufacturing, have made many older...

The Logistics of Epidemics: How the Supply Chain Can Help… Or Hinder

Mar 27, 2015
The flow of essential medical supplies, transportation activities and demand for medical personnel are some of the logistics-oriented features that depend on the available information regarding disease’s progression. Highly sophisticated systems in...

Coming and Going: A Look at Employee Turnover in the Logistics Industry

Mar 19, 2015
Data from the American Trucking Association (ATA) shows that the turnover rate at large truckload carriers rose one percentage point to an annualized rate of 97% in the third quarter of 2014.

Climate Change, Weather-proofing, and Adaptive Logistics

Jan 19, 2015
With January in full swing and the weather continuing to plummet, it is important to take a moment and discuss a topic that doesn’t receive as much mention as the more popular topics currently trending: the impact climate change is having on supply chain...