Joe Lynch

Joe Lynch

  Joe Lynch is a business development executive at E. L. Hollingsworth, a trucking and logistics company.  Joe also owns the website, The Logistics of Logistics, which has given him the opportunity to write, teach and speak about logistics and supply chain.   Prior to joining E. L. Hollingsworth, Joe was the General Manager of Rock Solid Logistics, a management based 3PL.     Earlier in his career, Joe led a supply chain consultancy, which focused on the automotive sector.  His consulting engagements included: value stream mapping, supply chain optimization, lean product development, module strategy, and quality improvement.   Joe started his career as an automotive engineer and eventually rose to program launch manager for vehicles built in Thailand and China.  He has a BBA from Cleary and a MA from the University of Michigan.    

If Steve Jobs Owned a 3PL

Aug 2, 2016
Everybody knows Steve Jobs, the iconic innovator, who transformed five different industries: computers, phones, music, digital publishing and movies (Pixar). He even left his mark in brick and mortar with the Apple Stores, which have been wildly successful.

Lead Generation & Sales Training for Transportation and Logistics Pros

Oct 20, 2015
This 3PL Sales Lead Generation and Sales Course will help you build your credibility, get more leads and ultimately make more sales.

10 Ways to Minimize the Impact of LTL Rate Increases

Oct 6, 2014
Joe Lynch, Business Development Executive at E. L. Hollingsworth and creator of the website 'The Logistics of Logistics', gives his insight on how to minimize the impact of LTL rate increases, offering 10 ways to approach it.