David Upton

David Upton

  David Upton is a talented software visionary and technology entrepreneur.  He founded DA Systems in January 1999 after identifying a need amongst transport and logistics companies for real-time proof of delivery software to support the growing e-commerce delivery business.  Since its formation, DA Systems has grown to become the UK’s leading independent provider of mobile field data and transport management solutions, employing a team of almost 30 people.  DA Systems is recognised as a leader in the field of cloud computing and was one of the first software companies to offer its customers software solutions using a SaaS subscription model.  Today DA Systems has blue chip customers in the transport, retail, healthcare and field service sectors and built a reputation for continuously providing innovative solutions that drive profitability, sustain competitive advantage and maximise revenues.  Prior to starting his own company, David was a software developer and business consultant at Fleetway Systems, where he was responsible for developing and integrating mobile data applications for customers worldwide.  At Fleetway Systems, David was the lead team member who used first generation mobile devices to prove the viability of electronic signature capture via a mobile device.  He also implemented the first courier system in Poland and designed a global transport management system for DMS Worldwide, headquartered in New York.  

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