Transportation Insight unveils logistics BI platform

Platform centralises data and offers visibility and analytics tools

Supply chain technology company Transportation Insight has introduced a new business intelligence tool, Insight Fusion. This centralises companies’ transactional data for all logistics activity in a single platform for "real-time" visibility and add analytics capabilities.

Transport insight says that customers can use the platform to see the impact of changes to oversize package specifications, analysis of how to utilise alternative carriers and services, and historical shipment transaction alongside a consolidated view of all modes or service requirements, including real time-in-transit analysis and review.

"Businesses need a single point of visibility covering all transportation modes to be able to see and manage how carrier rate increases, accessorial charges, geography and seasonal demand impact their transportation costs," says Transportation Insight Vice President Supply Chain Analytics John Richardson. "With on-demand data access and best-in-class data visualization, Insight Fusion gives executives and tactical supply chain managers a new perspective on their transportation management strategy so they can identify business trends, support decision-making and improve performance."

"As small package shipping complexity increases, Transportation Insight's deep parcel expertise helps omnichannel retailers and manufacturers analyze the impact from accessorial and rate changes happening now," says Transportation Insight Vice President of Operations Todd Benge. "Businesses need visibility into how package characteristics impact distribution costs and an understanding of how geographical distribution can be optimized to reduce costs. Insight Fusion provides deep analysis of parcel programs in real-time to improve the cost to serve."

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