Telematics company BigRoad Freight launches app features for truck drivers to find loads

BigRoad Freight have announced they are expanding their app with a service that matches loads to drivers and allows for payments and route analysis, putting it in competition with Uber

Credit: BigRoad Freight

Dubbed BigRoad Freight 2.0, the new service will be launched directly from the BigRoad app. It uses algorithms to give drivers personalised searches of loads in the form of a top 10 list of loads. This is based on their unique criteria, including vehicle type, weight, destination and hours-of-service availability.

The app builds on BigRoad’s previous work in telematics that hones into hours-of-service metrics and with the addition of payment options, develops the app beyond recommendations to a more fuller platform.

This puts the app in direct competition with a burgeoning scene that includes Uber Freight, Omnitracs and Descartes.

Alongside booking orders and payments, the app also handles compliance with hours-of-service (HOS) and electronic logging device (ELD) regulations and can be paired with BigRoad's DashLink to achieve electronic logging device (ELD) mandate compliance.

The company claims that their app has over 480,000 downloads and that over 30,000 fleets have chosen BigRoad as their compliance partner.

"We've been analyzing very closely what long-haul drivers really need, and what we can do to make booking freight as quick and easy as possible," noted Grant Cleland, Director of Sales at BigRoad, "We believe our new tailored load-matching platform does that better than any other we've seen.

"We know drivers are busy, and we're sensitive to that," explains Cleland, "Now, they can tell us the next time they will be empty, and we'll search shipments for them beforehand to help ensure their trips are always profitable. Our service puts in the work, so that the drivers don't have to."

"We find that there are few solutions in the market today that truly empower the driver. That's what we wanted this to be about," says Tony Lourakis, Chief Executive Officer of Fleet Complete. "Negotiating, getting paid, and finding freight needs to be a couple of taps away. This is the future of freight. We want to create simplicity, improve speed and asset utilization, and establish transparency in shipper-carrier relations to benefit all parties involved – particularly the drivers."

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