Post Conference Debrief Released: Logistics CIO Forum, Dallas, 2014

eft has put together this debrief, giving you the latest you need to know on big data, visibility, ROI on IT & Technology Investment and lastly, innovation and trends for the future.

The Logistics CIO Forum held in Dallas on March 4th and 5th brought together North American CIOs and VPs working at leading logistics companies. This debrief will allow you to relive the conference, if you were lucky enough to join, or let you experience the two days for the first time.

Read the debrief here

In this sum-up you can read all about Big Data “information is growing 41 thousand times per day more than what there is in volumes of books that have been written to this point in history” says Ed Kintz, Americas Analytics & Data Management Practice Principle at HP. This debrief than goes on to discuss how to ensure there is the visibility needed and how to measure your ROI on IT and technology investments.

This debrief also contains:

Access to the PDF presentations from the event

  • A complimentary copy of the Logistics CIO Report, created in collaboration by HP and eft
  • The most interesting snapshots from panel discussions that took place at the conference
  • Analysis on the key themes of the conference - Big Data, Visibility, ROI on Tech Investment and IT Innovation & Trends for the Future

 “This debrief is provides snapshot of the fantastic discussion that was generated at this year’s North American Logistics CIO Forum. It provides analysis into the key themes of the event and gives great insight into the challenges commonly faced by many Logistics IT executives.” Sarah Reynolds, Event Director

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