Peer-to-peer start-up wants to share your warehouse space

Pallco launches P2P platform to leverage idle warehouse space in Mexico

Start-up Pallco will work with Rokk3r Inc. to launch a peer-to-peer network that connects users in need of storage space with idle warehouse space. It announced initial clients, such as Advanced Appealing Technologies and A4México.

Pallco's model is to sell excess commercial spaces with a warehousing-as-a-service platform that allows users to rent or list warehouse space on a flexible, as-needed basis.

Similar to the Airbnb model, Pallco connects businesses in need of warehouse space with companies that have excess capacity, while managing the process on its platform.

Pallco plans to scale to South America, and says it will work with Rokk3r Inc. (OTC: ROKK) to create and execute upon a roadmap for expansion. The U.S.-based company cobuilder and consulting firm will help Pallco further develop its core technology, devise go-to market strategies for new countries in the region.

The Mexico City-based startup is led by Yoel Wasserman, CEO and country manager of Pallco in México. Before joining Pallco, Wasserman founded and served as the COO at Frontier Car Group México (FCG). FCG, an auto trade car company, raised more than $170 million in investment and generated more than $5 million per month in revenue.

"We're delighted to be collaborating again with the Pallco team, during what we see as a major inflection point, after having worked so closely with them in the business's earliest days – both in validating the business opportunity and later, developing the platform," said Rokk3r Chief Cobuild Officer Juan Montoya. "Pallco is the perfect example of a simple solution that leverages technology to transform a traditional industry and improve upon the status quo. We look forward to being long-term allies and helping Pallco grow and disrupt a new segment of the sharing economy."

"It's exciting to be announcing Pallco to the world, and we're ready to fill what we know is a large gap in the market, both in Mexico and beyond," Wasserman said. "Now that we've officially embarked on this journey, it also brings me great pleasure to be doing it in partnership with Rokk3r. Their team has a proven track record of easing the startup journey, clearing hurdles and kick-starting growth."

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