IoT Package – what does the future hold for your supply chain?

The ‘Internet of Things’ has been a hot topic for many years now. So how is this infrastructure of smart, interconnected devices going to mprove visibility within your supply chain operations?

eft sought to find some answers and has created an easily digestible pack for you to get all your questions solved by supply chain experts. 
Here’s what you can find inside: 
- 4 indutrsy presentations including: Avnet’s ‘ Supply Chain of Things’, Zebra’s IoT & Supply Chain Visibility and Cirrus Link Solutions’ ‘Applying IoT Technology to Logistics’
- eft’s 13 page report on Visbility, Speed & Agility conducted with AT&T
- Insightful thought leaders analysis from industry experts
These topics will be discussed at eft’s Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum in Venlo, October 14-16. 
For more info:
Sophie Farrow 
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