Can a Supply Chain be managed using all possible data?

This in-depth 3 part series from IT solution providers and architects, Luxoft, discuss:

  • The difference between big data analysis and big data decision making;
  • New approaches to turning raw data into actionable insight;
  • The challenges facing implementers of big data technology

What if a Supply Chain could be managed using all possible data? Traditional approaches provide a way to look at an enterprise based on transactional data – telemetry from sensors, shipment systems data, etc. But as a supply chain evolves, it brings new challenges to the table – growing demand, expanding partner networks, the need to provide additional services and on-demand manufacturing, etc.  The traditional approach adds its limitations to data processing and analytics – the most crucial parts of the adaptation to those challenges.

Providing an advanced level of services requires more than just understanding the shipment status. We need weather forecasts on the routes, traffic information, the condition of the shipment, even social insights and local news. Processing all available data without limitations on its amount and nature opens new horizons for a modern supply chain. The current trend is to apply a massively parallel processing approach – commonly known as Big Data.

At the same time, the Big Data world is rapidly evolving and the data ecosystem is constantly changing. New products emerge, and old approaches either don’t apply anymore or cause issues at later stages, leading to a complete redesign of the Big Data solution. A company that wants to adopt a Big Data approach has to overcome multiple challenges and make the right decisions at each stage.

Keep tuned for the upcoming parts of the series, to fully realize the benefits of Big Data.

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