Battery swapping scooter to go live on South Korea’s roads

Scooter aimed at delivery businesses is fitted with Gogoro Ecosystem, which includes battery swapping capability

Gogoro 2 Utility Smartscooter. Gogoro continues global expansion with the introduction of a sustainable mobility solution for South Korean businesses.

Gogoro is partnering with TIC Corporation in South Korea to bring Gogoro's business-focused Smartscooter, the Gogoro 2 Utility, and its battery swapping system to Seoul.

Through Gogoro's partner TIC, Korean businesses are now able to purchase the Gogoro 2 Utility and provide their employees with fast and convenient access to battery swapping stations.

"Seoul, like most of the world's major cities, is at a tipping point and in desperate need of sustainable transportation solutions, not just for consumers but for businesses," said Horace Luke, founder and CEO, Gogoro Inc. "The entire Gogoro ecosystem offers businesses a path forward that is sustainable, scalable and proven."

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