An infinitely recyclable solution?

Ball Corporation claims its new line of bottles solves a recycling headache

Ballc claims its Infinity™ Aluminium Bottle can be recycled over and over again with no loss in quality.

Ball Corporation (NYSE: BLL) is launching a new impact extruded aluminium bottle line that provides a circular solution to plastic pollution. The Infinity™ Aluminium Bottle can be customized for numerous beauty, personal care, food and beverage products.

Ball is hoping that the ability to recycle the metal repeatedly will give it an edge over plastic bottle products, typically made out of PET1 plastics. While recyclable in most countries with adequate facilities and one of the most recyclable plastic formats, all plastic materials degrade with repeated cycles and eventually have to be downcycled into lower grade materials and products. Alternatively, the bottles can be turned into aluminium products over and over again, although with a noticeable energy cost.

An infinitely recyclable package

The impact extruded aluminium bottle is monomaterial – it consists of only one material and can be easily sorted and recycled. Aluminium retains its value throughout the recycling process, so it can be kept in circulation indefinitely without becoming waste and ending up in the ocean or in landfills.

Ball says that 75% of aluminium ever produced (since 1888) is still in use today and, after use, an aluminium bottle can be recycled and returned as a new packaging format in just 60 days.

"Plastic waste that ends up in the natural environment has led to more public discussion about packaging, its life cycle and recyclability," said Jason Galley, director of innovation and sustainability, Ball. "Consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly solutions for packaging their everyday products. We combined our product design and sustainable aluminium packaging expertise to develop another truly circular packaging solution – the Infinity™ Aluminium Bottle."

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