Omni-Channel Meets the Last Mile World Trade Magazine: Supply Chain Strategies

2015 has been called “The Year of Omni-Channel Integration” for retailers. With the continued adoption of ecommerce and mobile retail shopping, the time has come to ensure your customer experience is tightly interlinked to your supply chain, from order to delivery.

As Karl Meyer, CEO of XPO Last Mile, recently told World Trade Magazine, “When an online delivery goes wrong, people rarely blame the fact that they didn’t shop at a brick-and-mortar store — or that they might have placed their orders too late. Instead, they usually blame the company they ordered from or the carrier that handled the delivery.”
This speaks to the growing competition for real-time delivery notification, status, and convenience, and an increase in customer power and expectation driving today’s omni-channel retail environment. And Meyer cautions “even companies with world-class inbound supply chains face serious competitive issues if they can’t become proficient at the consumer delivery side of the equation.”
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