Europe’s Most Desirable Logistics Locations - Revealed

eft are once again surveying the industry to compile the definite ranking of top 100 logistics locations in Europe.

Where to place a distribution centre or warehouse is one of the most important strategic components of any supply chain, or for any 3PL – how do you balance proximity to your customers with cost, access, speed, available labour and available space?

‘Europe has a larger population and a higher combined Gross Domestic Product (GDP) than the U.S., yet it has 4.5 times less Class-A logistics space.’ Said Chris Saynor, CEO of eft. ‘With Europe’s advanced eCommerce culture and embedded logistics industry, we wanted to better understand where developers should be strategically looking to set-up new DCs, warehouses etc.’

In an effort to provide the industry with some answers, eft is once again surveying the industry to compile the definitive ranking of the top 100 logistics locations in Europe.

Lend your expertise by joining the survey here (6-7 minutes)

Variables considered include:

  • Proximity to customers and suppliers
  • Availability, cost and flexibility of labour
  • Government incentives and regulations
  • Availability of land/existing warehouses and real estate costs
  • Quality and proximity to transport infrastructure

Survey respondents will be first to receive the corresponding in-depth report including the full breakdown of locations and full analysis of variables.

No individual responses are considered during the analysis process with all respondent information remaining confidential. 

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