West Coast ports – 92% of manufacturers, retailers and LSPs see continuation in labor disruptions

As disruptions become more commonplace for supply chain professionals, eft decided to deep-dive into one of the disruptions affecting a number of executives we collaborate with.

In working with hi-tech supply chain executives from manufacturers and retailers, eft looked into one particular disruption – West Coast dockworker contract negotiations – and the potential impact this disruption could have on companies working through the region.

Estimates of the potential cost of shutting the 29 ports that dot the West Coast have been placed at $2 billion/day (Bloomberg). With such consequences at stake in a recovering economy, eft looked towards the executives in the industry representing manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers to find out how this might impact their roles.

Findings included:

  • 92% of respondents think port disruptions will continue as they have in the past or increase in frequency
  • 51% of respondents think moderate disruptions will arise from the current contract negotiations of West Coast dockworkers
  • Respondents estimate that disruptions will last between 1-3 months

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This year, eft’s North American Hi-tech and Electronics Supply Chain Summit is going to be exploring the question of Risk, and the requirement for firms to address contingency planning into their supply chain strategies. The event takes place October 28th in San Francisco (airport)

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