How Hi-Tech Companies are Adapting to Meet Global Demand

Each year, eft talks to some of the industry's most influential supply chain decision-makers to find out what's on the horizon. We discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead and discover new behaviors, refined strategies, and ideas ripe for adoption.

On February 4th at 3pm GMT (10am EST) eft will be speaking with UPS Europe High Tech and Retail Logistics Marketing Manager Sabrina Staiano as she discusses emerging trends in the high tech industry in Europe and how these companies are adapting their supply chains to capitalize on new market opportunities. 

Join the complimentary webinar by registering here. 

Key take always: 
• Global shoring strategies 
• Export growth trends 
• Emerging market opportunities 
• Business risks & pain points 
• Emerging technologies - 3D printing 

We’ll be recording the webinar, so be sure to register even if you can’t make the live event to receive the recordings.

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