eft's latest webinar: Walgreens' SVP of Supply Chain on the Company's SCM Mission

eft recently conducted a Q&A webinar with Reuben Slone, SVP of Supply Chain and Logistics and Walgreens and Rich Sherman, Principal Essentialist at Trissential.

Rich charted the steps towards successful supply chain transformation before interviewing Reuben on Walgreens’ supply chain journey and future strategic plans.
Rich Sherman began by introducing how companies can transform their supply chain to win. He encouraged listeners to view change as an opportunity, stressing that innovation is necessary to achieve competitive differentiation. He explored the risk/reward trade-off as he charted the steps towards successful supply chain transformation.
The webinar then explored supply chain transformation from a company that has already successfully achieved competitive advantage – Walgreens. The company’s SVP of Supply Chain and Logistics talked Rich through Walgreens’ journey towards innovation, charting their segmentation strategy, network design, cross-functional integration and strategy for the future. Finally, Reuben answered some of the audience-submitted questions.
Reuben Slone will be presenting at the Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum in Chicago this June 11-13. He’ll be presenting on the New Supply Chain Agenda in a session that also features Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics and Adelante SCM.
Rich Sherman will also be presenting at the CSCO Forum – specifically on the topics of supply chain transformation and change management. He’ll present in and moderate sessions that feature supply chain leaders from IBM, Griffith Laboratories and Nestlé. Rich will also be leading a workshop alongside his colleague Bob Sabath, focused on transformation,  exploring market signs from a people, process and technology perspective.
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