How the E-Commerce Boom Triggered a Transformation in Retail Logistics

In recent times, Business 2 Consumer (B2C) e-commerce sales have massively increased in popularity.

As a result of the rapid growth in e-commerce, online retailers must now educate themselves and adapt to the changes in order to understand what this will mean for their distribution network infrastructures. Recent studies have revealed that logistics in e-tailing can be extremely difficult. Therefore, it is highly important that there are key differentiators for e-tailers.

As a result of this development, logistics is now considered to be the foundation of the online retail industry. It is imperative to elucidate that its quality varies largely across developing and developed countries. The infographic below from 2 Flow gives us all the facts and statistics on how the e-commerce boom has provoked a transformation in retail logistics.

For example, mobile users are now leading the e-commerce charge in developing markets worldwide. This will continue to grow as Millennials form a larger proportion of each country’s population in the coming years. As a result of this, it will drive the size of the consumer pool which are now considered ‘tech savvy’. Let’s check out this informative infographic for more! 



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