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Ekol Logistics shared a new strategy connected with Logistics 4.0 a few weeks ago. Ekol also organized a press meeting during the Transport Logistic Fair in Munich to share even more details about future developments, also about how Ekol is planning to support Silk Road.

Train Budapest – China

Ekol Logistics executes the strategy to develop more intermodal connections. In line with this objective Ekol has opened a new train service between China and Hungary. 

The first “test” train, which started at the beginning of April, covered 9,300 kilometers through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Slovakia and arrived at Budapest, Hungary. The whole trip takes 17 days and is nearly 30 days shorter than the same route organized via sea and rail, which is significant difference.

Weekly trains started at  the end of April from Yiwu  to Budapest.  Ekol is planning new, more direct routes that will be announced in May and will connect Budapest with other Chinese cities. Ekol is planning to have  8 train connections from China to Europe, so more trains not only to Budapest but also other European cities are in pipeline.

Ekol arranges rail services from 8 Chinese rail terminals, via own 4 hubs in Europe.

Company organizes transport in the territory of the EU with Deutsche Bahn (DB), terminal services by Mahart Container Center (MCC), whilst the customs clearance in Budapest and the distribution of the goods to European destinations are arranged by own assets of Ekol.

"We are proud to be pioneers in Hungary offering transport solutions for delivering goods from China to Hungary directly. Our solution is not only ecological but also very good for our customers as it allows them to build their competitive advantage. It is a really good alternative competing with the longer transit time of maritime transport and with the more expensive air. The Hungarian Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) and several Hungarian customs agents have been working for months to become a customs and commodity distribution center for Chinese goods in Europe. Its history shows that the "Silk Road" has always been able to make and operate successful businesses. We believe it will be the same today as well. We provide the right link for this cooperation and the fact that we have it will bring added value for our customers.”  - highlighted Ahmet Musul, Chairman of Ekol Logistics.

Thanks to this train Ekol can connect other European countries to China. Ekol is also planning to open its own company in China.

Ekol Iran

Ekol established subsidiary in the Islamic Republic of Iran by registering Ekol Logistics Pars.

Together with the company establishment, Ekol immediately started to invest in Iran with a high technology logistics facility “Saffron Logistics Center”.

By this investment Ekol aims to move 27 years of know-how to the Iranian market and contribute its customers with competitive advantage in their supply chain.

As Ekol we believe that Iran will be a significant opportunity for many investors from different industries within next years. In this environment, Ekol aims to establish proper infrastructure for the supply chain services in Iran in order to meet high demands of the fast growing Iranian economy with foreign and domestic investors.“ – said Ahmet Musul.

With the initial investment of 20 million Euro, Ekol is planning to start using the first phase of this logistics facility in Iran in the fourth quarter of 2017 with 45,000 pallets capacity. As of 2019 the total of 100,000 pallets capacity automated warehouse will be opened for services on 65,000 square meter land plot. SAFFRON Logistics Facility is located in Caspian Industrial Town in Qazvin.

This facility will generate jobs in the region starting with 300 people which later will become thousands in a few years with Ekol’s continuous investments in Iran.

Ekol will offer various kinds of services in Iran thanks to its own bonded & non-bonded warehouse, VAS (Value Added Services), customs clearance services, and domestic distribution with own terminals and network.

Ekol will open cross-dock centers in highly populated areas around Iran to provide tailor made domestic distribution services with order to shelf visibility and high vehicle efficiency. Company will also offer international transport services, offering intermodal solution connecting Iran with Europe. International shipments from Europe (it doesn’t matter if it is Central, East or West part) will be delivered to and from Iran in 10-11 days using intermodal solutions.

Ekol aims to make Qazvin, which is located on the Turkey to Azerbaijan trade route, the most advanced and highest capacity “logistics hub” of the Middle East by the year 2020.       

Own ports

In December 2016, Ekol acquired 65% of Europa Multipurpose Terminals, the operator of Molo VI in the port of Trieste that Alternative Transport uses for Ro-Ro and Ekol uses for unit train services, which is located in Italy. Trieste is the key location for intermodal connections for Ekol.

Ekol has just expanded to five Ro-Ro round trips  per week between Trieste and Turkey and it is  also planning two weekly round trips between Constanta, Romania and  Yalova  in the next few months. Of course from Yalova we can also use Ro Ro connection to Trieste or Lavrio in Greece.

It is worth stressing that the connection to and from Constanta is a new line that will help Ekol to connect Romania and other CEE countries with other parts of Europe event better.” – said Ahmet Musul, Chairman of Ekol.

Ekol will also connect Trieste to Turkey with the new port investment under company Yalova RoRo Terminals AS. Terminal is fully owned by the company and planned start of services is by the 2nd half of 2017. The investment amount will reach €40 millionwhen it is completed and will be the 1st Ro Ro terminal of Turkey. The total area of the port is 100,000 m2 with Yalova local and border customs located inside. Also the bonded and non-bonded warehouse will offer customers flexibility.

A big advantage of this port is its own laboratory as Ekol is planning to have 1000 m2 industrial laboratory there. It is really important for importers and exporters because it will allow for faster validation of customs formalities and entrance into Turkey or the EU of some of Ekol customer goods in a shorter time.” – added Ahmet Musul.

Parking area will be available for 500 trucks. When Yalova Ro-Ro Terminal opens in 2017, it will remove 100,000 vehicles a year from Istanbul’s traffic. To make it more time and cost-effective for manufacturers and transporters, Ekol will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3.7 million kg, diesel consumption by 1.5 million liters, and hazardous waste by 12,000 kg per year by reducing highway travel time. It will create significant employment opportunities for people in the region as it is closer to manufacturing centers such as Gebze, Bursa, Izmit, and Eskişehir. This investment will mobilize the region in terms of manufacturing and have a positive effect on the Turkish export industry.

New intermodal European connection

In the last few months Ekol has developed new lines, Sete - Paris and Trieste - Kiel, and the company still executes the strategy to offer more and more intermodal connections in Europe. That’s why Ekol continues the dynamic and quick expansion and will increase intermodal networks in Europe in the foreseeable future.

In September Ekol is planning to open a new block train between Trieste and Zeebrugge, Belgium.

Thanks the new Trieste- Zeebrugge train Ekol will offer the first direct connection between the Mediterranean and the North Sea. It will be the fastest solution in the market that is done 100 % using intermodal transport.  This train will connect Benelux, North France and the UK to South Europe, Turkey, Iran and Far East.” – said Ahmet Musul.

Ekol will be able to use not only mega trailers but also containers in this direction. 

Also in September Ekol is planning to open other block trains between Budapest and Duisburg, Germany.  Thanks to it, Ekol will connect the CEE with West Germany, Benelux and the UK. In this line Ekol can use trailer & container equipment.

Apart from these new block trains Ekol will also extend current solutions.

The company will increase the train connection between Trieste and Kiel to 2 per week. Apart from the increased frequency Ekol train will also make a stop in the Kalefeld region, Germany, so it is very good news for companies that import/export from this area.

About Ekol:

Ekol, an integrated logistics company founded in 1990, provides best-in-class international freight, warehousing, domestic distribution, foreign trade, customs, and supply chain management services in 15 countries. Ekol’s business model is bolstered by technological inspiration which blends mind, heart and consciousness while constantly offering customers integrated, interconnected and innovative solutions. Ekol is always one step ahead and it never settles for good enough. This boosts our customers' accomplishments and creates environmental, financial, and social benefits. Ekol is one of Europe's major logistics providers, boasting distribution centers with 750,000 square meters of total indoor space in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Czechia, Bulgaria, Iran and Slovenia in addition to allowing for Intermodal transportation with the utilization of its 6 Ro-Ro vessels, 48 block trains per week and 5,500 vehicles. In fulfilling its promises, Ekol derives greatest strength from its workforce and its powerful distribution network. A multinational team of more than 6,500 staff members - wholly dedicated to delivering impeccable customer satisfaction - plays a vital role in Ekol’s success story.

More information: Bogna Blasiak, Corporate Communication Europe, phone +48 663 298 004 


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