Internet of Things Becomes Key Discussion Topic as IBM, Bosch, Nokia, LG Electronics and ABB Gather at Hi-Tech Supply Chain Munich

29 March, 2017, Munich

The potential for the Internet of Things to improve communication, productivity and efficiency in the supply chain is vast.

Promising seamless product integration, continuous communication between previously siloed departments and constant optimization of processes without human interaction, the benefits are clear. Yet it is only recently that technology manufacturers and retailers, in an effort to streamline their processes, are now exploring the technology.

As such, major industry leaders including Bosch, Nokia, LG Electronics, IBM, Liberty Global and many more are all gathering at the 11th Hi-Tech Supply Chain Summit (1-2 June, Munich) to debate and collaborate on the opportunities presented by the IOT.

IBM, a long-time leader in artificial intelligence and cognitive computing, promise to explain the way in which they are leveraging their capabilities to supercharge the IOT to their customers’ supply chains, while LG Electronics discuss the strategies they use to adapt to demand volatility and manage the delivery of products with a short lifecycle.

With over 120 senior attendees from global consumer technology manufacturers and retailers, The Hi-Tech Supply Chain Summit (1-2 June, Munich) is an essential event for those seeking to futureproof their supply, and to find out how to leverage the latest technology to open new opportunities in 2017 and beyond.

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