Ekol opens a new block train between Belgium and Italy

Just 3 weeks ago Ekol Logistics announced opening of new block train connecting Budapest with Cologne that was the first train solution in Ekol East-West corridor and now the company is announcing the launch of a new block train between Zeebrugge, Belgium, and Trieste, Italy. This new connection continues to support the Ekol network expansion in the South-North corridor to link strategic markets

“We keep executing our strategy to offer more and more intermodal connections inside Europe. We connected the Mediterranean with the Baltic sea by the Trieste-Kiel train in January 2017 but now we are very glad to offer to our customers a new direct connection between the Mediterranean and the North Sea. This new block train will be the first direct train that will connect Turkey, Iran and the Middle East with the Benelux countries, France  and all the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) in a totally green mode without using a single driver.” – said Alaa Jennane, the Director of Engineering Business Development of Ekol.
The train will leave EMT Trieste Terminal two times per week. This new solution will allow for transporting different types of equipment like Mega trailers, containers and swap bodies.
“Thanks to cooperation with the Zeebrugge port and our strategic partner P&O Ferries, we can transport shipments using P&O Ferries to different key regions in England (Tilbury, Hull, Teesport) and to other destinations with other partners. It makes us really proud.” – said Alaa Jennane. 
This service will be operated by Hupac and is expected to carry around 5,000 shipments per year for Ekol. 
Renzo Capanni, the Director of Hupac, said: "Hupac is very pleased to welcome Ekol on this new Intermodal Line. Together with all parties involved we managed to develop a cutting-edge service to directly connect Turkey with the UK within very competitive transit-times. Hupac deploys its own modern wagon fleet and manages the day-to-day train operations. This new service shows again that multimodal can be a great alternative to pure road transport.” 
Janette Bell, the Managing Director of P&O Ferries, said: "We are delighted to announce the launch of this new train to Zeebrugge which will further enhance our integrated rail and ferry service linking the entire continent of Europe with Britain. We expanded our operation at Zeebrugge last year so that now we have capacity for 700,000 units per year and can continue to grow." 
“Intermodality is of high value to our port. The Port of Zeebrugge encourages and supports intermodal business solutions between water and rail. The launch of this Ekol block train is a reinforcement of our connections to Italy and further destinations and is an expansion of the complete offer of direct and indirect intermodal connections in Zeebrugge.” - explains Joachim Coens, CEO Port of Zeebrugge.
Thanks to this new Ekol block train Ekol will save 15 000 trees every month and enough fuel to go 9 times around globe.  Offering environmentally friendly solutions is the key point in Ekol strategy. 
Last year Ekol acquired shares of the EMT port in Trieste and announced the development of more intermodal connections from Trieste. SoSo, this new train is also part of the strategy to develop this port.
About Ekol: Ekol, an integrated logistics company founded in 1990, provides best-in-class international freight, warehousing, domestic distribution, foreign trade, customs, and supply chain management services in 15 countries. 
Ekol’s business model is bolstered by technological inspiration which blends mind, heart and consciousness while constantly offering customers integrated, interconnected and innovative solutions. Ekol is always one step ahead and it never settles for good enough. This boosts our customers' accomplishments and creates environmental, financial, and social benefits. Ekol is one of Europe's major logistics providers, boasting distribution centers with 1,000,000 square meters of total indoor space in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Czechia, Bulgaria, Iran and Slovenia in addition to allowing for Intermodal transportation with the utilization of its 6 Ro-Ro vessels, 48 block trains per week and 5,500 vehicles. In fulfilling its promises, Ekol derives greatest strength from its workforce and its powerful distribution network. A multinational team of more than 6,500 staff members - wholly dedicated to delivering impeccable customer satisfaction - plays a vital role in Ekol’s success story. More information: Bogna Blasiak, Corporate Communication Manager, Europe, bogna.blasiak@ekol.com , phone 0048 663 298 004
About P&O Ferries:  is a leading pan-European ferry and logistics company, sailing on eight major routes between Britain, France, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Holland and Belgium. It operates more than 20 vessels which carry 10 million passengers, 1.6 million cars and 2.2 million freight units every year. Together with its logistics division, P&O Ferrymasters, the company also operates integrated road and rail links to countries across the continent including Italy, Poland and Romania. A P&O Ferrymasters-owned rail terminal in the northern Romanian city of Oradea, which will facilitate the onward movement of goods to Britain from the Silk Road, became operational last year. More information: Dan Bridgett, Head of communication, phone 0044 7527 509 836 
About Hupac: Hupac is Europe's leading intermodal network operator. For the last fifty years, we have pioneered innovative and reliable rail transport services, thus making a key contribution to modal shift and environment protection. Hupac's network comprises connections between the main European economic areas to destinations as distant as Russia and the Far East. Every day, some 110 Hupac trains with their own rail wagons are on the move, transporting containers, swap bodies and semitrailers. We strive to offer flexibility, service and reliability. The Hupac Group comprises 17 companies with locations in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Russia and China, and it has about 450 employees. Hupac was founded in 1967 in Chiasso. The company has around 100 shareholders. The share capital amounts to CHF 20 million; 72% belongs to logistics and transport companies while 28% is held by rail companies, thus guaranteeing closeness to the market and independence from the railway companies. Media contact: itonndorf@hupac.com
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