Warehouse Density Map of top North American 3PLs

eyefortransport has completed its first edition of its North American Warehouse Density Map


The map provides a macro view of 3PL warehousing space throughout the US and Canada, allowing for an understanding of the industry’s capacity in the region.


You can see the complimentary map directly here.


During eyefortransport’s research into 3PLs and Logistics companies, there was some availability of publicly listed warehousing statistics by North American 3PLs. With this in mind, eyefortransport decided to consolidate this information onto one map using such publicly listed information as well as company interviews to gain a perspective on the industry’s warehouse capacity distribution throughout the area.

‘I think this map will really provide the industry with a valuable overview on how the 3PLs are creating capacity throughout North America.’ Said Chris Saynor, CEO of eyefortransport.


The map features:


· A state by state breakdown of warehousing locations

· A county by county breakdown of warehousing capacity in the four states with the most warehouse capacity

· A breakdown of corresponding warehouse locations, companies, and contact information

· 247,566,422 total square footage recorded

· 997 facilities


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