The Relationship Between Innovation in the 3PL Industry and Collaboration Revealed

The commoditization of logistics has been an ongoing pain-point for 3PLs for the better part of the last decade.

Manufacturers and retailers more often than not see logistics as a cost-center whose price they need to squeeze. 3PLs have been trying to fight against this pricing trend through adding value-added services and differentiating themselves against the competition. The key driver 3PLs have been banking on to increase margins has been ‘innovation’. Ultimately, 3PLs have had significant difficulties driving innovation without the buy-in from their customers.

In this ground-breaking research conducted by eft collaborator Dr. Richard S. Bushart, Senior Performance Excellence Consultant for Trinity Healthcare, he explores how 3PLs can transform their corporate culture and financial results through increases in collaborative behavior, internally and externally, leading to incremental and disruptive innovation.

Research shows that despite the positive revenue increase, the growth trend in the 3PL industry is in jeopardy because shippers view their 3PL partners as mostly transactional and incapable of fostering the collaborative business relationships leading to the types of inter-organizational innovation required to solve the vexing challenges facing today’s global supply chains.  This compelling research provides the background, methodology, findings, recommendations, and insights on how to address and conquer one of the most threatening 3PL issues facing the industry today; a deficiency of collaborative relationships leading to organizational innovation. 

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But how can 3PLs practically build enhanced collaborative relationships while increasing innovation?  That's the question that weighs heavy on senior 3PL & supply chain leaders globally!

The Next Step…Compelling Innovation & Collaboration Research Linked to Practical 3PL Industry Application – "From a Spark to a Change" Transformation

In his transformational Lean Performance Excellence system,"From a Spark to a Change", Dr. Bushart equips 3PL and Supply Chain organizations & leaders with vital information and guidance on how to convert the 1,000's of amazing & impactful employee ideas & improvements to increase collaboration, innovate, & reduce workplace waste into controlled & sustained viable solutions!  3PLs and Supply Chain companies alike can now dramatically increase organizational revenue, profits, & employee engagement all while reducing costs and workplace waste!    

Dr. Bushart outlines 3 intuitive and integrated steps to increase collaborative relationships leading to innovative solutions while building an engaged & motivated workforce:

3PL and Supply Chain leaders now have compelling evidence and answers on how to address these critical industry questions identified as a result of Dr. Bushart's research:

  • How can we increase internal & external collaborative relationships?
  • How can we create an environment that promotes innovation & creativity?
  • How can we engage employees at all levels to create sustainable solutions?
  • How can we improve communication and break down internal and external silos?

Dr. Bushart welcomes the opportunity to consult senior leaders and organizations on performance excellence, organizational innovation, and cost reduction strategies at any time, specifically a “From a Spark to a Change”transformation. 

If interested in learning more about how your organization can implement a Smart Metrics, Collaborative Huddles, & “From a Spark” to a Change”transformation and convert 1,000’s of employee ideas & improvements into sustainable solutions all while increasing employee engagement and improving collaborative relationships leading to advanced innovative customer-focused solutions, please contact Dr. Bushart using the below:

Mobile: 734-620-3209

Dr. Richard S. Bushart

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