Executive Supply Chain Q&A - Senior Supply Chain Execs Weigh in on Their Challenges for the Coming Year

eft recently surveyed some of the attendees of the 3PL Summit and Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum (taking place in Chicago this June 16-18) to understand what supply chain challenges and trends are currently driving their day to day operations and...


This is an easily digestible piece that should give readers food for thought when it comes to  exploring their own operations and role in the supply chain industry. Some questions focus more on the ins and outs of supply chain management (what executives do day-to-day, what their plans or the future are, the most important criteria when selecting a 3PL) and others intentionally focus on the bigger picture ‘unknown’ trends affecting the industry— big data and analytics, omni-channel developments, and 3D printing. 

The Q&A features BuildDirect, Johnson Controls, Williams-Sonoma, Panduit, Autosplice and plenty of others.


You can download it for free here 


If you’re interested in hearing a live discussion on these points, you might be interested in joining the CSCO Forum in Chicago this June 16-18. All executives featured in these Q&As will be in attendance at the event along with 600 others,  so if they’ve mentioned something that piques your interest, you’ll have the chance to chat to them about it in person.

Senior supply chain executives can attend the event with a complimentary ticket. For more information on that, the agenda and speakers, head to www.cscoforum.com

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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