eft Weekly Newsletter 26th June 2014

Uber vs DHL? Supply Chain Planning; Thoughts on Amazon Phone; Myanmar Open for Trade; CH Robinson Explores Talent

A whole host of interesting opinions today to share with you. Lora Cecere writes about Supply Chain Planning, CH Robinson offer some insights into talent management. Plus great insight into how Uber could get into deliveries and why Amazon’s new smartphone is not the way forward. Lastly, it’s great to read of further developments in Myanmar as the country becomes integrated into the global economy. 

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New This Week:

Redesign To Improve Value: A Case Study of a Supply Chain Leader 
Upon disagreeing with the four box model of SCP, Lora Cecere ensues to explain why she thinks it is an inadequate model. Followed by an excerpt from a Q&A she did with Amway’s CSCO George Calvert.

A Business Card Guide to the Future of Supply Chains 
CH Robinson’s Elizabeth Drury looks at how different roles in the supply chain have developed in recent years and to where they might be headed in the near future. 

Will Uber be the new DHL?
With urbanization, cities worldwide grow fast. Changing consumer behavior is leading to new requirement in final delivery; more frequent, faster, just-in-time and much more complicated. 

No Matter Which Way You Look At It – The New Amazon Smartphone Is A Dud 
In his latest column Vivek Sood examines the new Amazon smartphone and gives his views on its prospects as a new competitor and whether the new smartphone can compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Damco To Start Container Freight Station Operation In Myanmar 
Third-party logistics provider Damco has started operating the first international standard warehouse and Container Freight Station (CFS) facility in Myanmar. 


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