Complimentary Webinar: DHL Express Explores Profitability Through Data Analytics

Is all business good business? Teradata and DHL Express discuss in complimentary webinar


With margins getting squeezed from all angles in the logistics space, the industry getting commoditized, and costs needing to be held down at all costs, eft in association with Teradata and DHL Express is going to explore the concept of profitability through the eyes of data analytics. With your work in the logistics space, and the pressure of costs in the industry in this day and age, I thought you might like to tune-in to the webinar we’ll be hosting on the topic.

The complimentary webinar,  titled  “Achieving Actionable Insights into Profitability with DHL Express”, will be taking place October 7th, 1:00 EDT (7pm CET) with Graeme Aiken, VP Controlling of DHL Express set to speak.

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In this webinar, DHL Express answers questions that are common for any company trying to understand profitability such as:

  • Which customers are your most and least profitable?  

  • Which customers are not meeting transaction commitments?

  • Where do operational costs not line up with revenue? 

  • Is all business good business?  

  • How do you balance the demand of increased service without giving up market share, revenue, EBIT, or a combination of all three?

The webinar will be recorded, so if you’re not available October 7th, be sure to register to receive the recordings.

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