The 2016 Global Logistics Study – Customer Perspective

2015 has been an incredible year in the logistics space. We’ve seen a return to growth in many sectors, and some significant shifts in consumer behaviour and the logistics landscape.

eft are looking to gain your input on this year’s Global Logistics Study to better understand those who use logistics services. As we put 2015 behind us and look towards 2016, I wanted to ask for your expertise and insight on industry developments in 2016 by responding to this year’s Global Logistics Study.

Start the 4 minute Global Logistics Study survey here

We’re looking to gather your thoughts on :

  • LSP service quality
  • The LSP sales process
  • Your satisfaction with your current logistics provider(s)

By finishing the survey you will be given access to two industry whitepapers; eft’ 3PL Contracting report and D3’s Dynamic Distribution Dynamics logistics perspective.

This report will give you visibility over:

  • The biggest challenges retailers are facing from the LSP perspective
  • What eCommerce solutions LSPs are providing
  • Which eCommerce solution shippers are buying form LSPs

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