eft Weekly Newsletter 7th August 2014

Labor Disruptions and the Supply Chain; Must Big Data Have Big Costs; U.S. Economy Rebounds

eft has created a new infographic examining the wave of recent M&A activity in the life sciences space. As well as documenting the various movements of companies, we have also interviewed some life sciences executives to get their thoughts on what impact this activity (positive and negative) will have on logistics and SCM. You can see their thoughts and the mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in the industry in the full infographic here.

eft also conducted a second survey of supply chain and logistics executives exploring the impending labor disruptions on the West Coast of America and their potential impact on the industry. Results suggest that whilst many executives recognize that there will be moderate disruption to their supply chains, they also speculate that it will not last for long – a testament to the agility of the modern supply chain perhaps? You can find a comprehensive explanation of the results in the full report.

Whilst both of these pieces of research are extremely interesting they are not all we bring you this week. Steve Brady has written a new column for eft, following his exciting piece on the Internet of Things, this is a compelling article on understanding big data and showing that the ‘smaller players’ can benefit from it too. Cathy Morrow Roberson’s latest blog post about the discount retail sector indicates the important of supply chain in maintaining competitiveness in a busy sector, and John Wagner Jr. provides his latest statistical round up of the US economy and the trucking industry. 

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New This Week:

Acquisitions in the Life Sciences Industry and the Impact on Supply Chain Management 
eft have consolidated the most significant M&A deals to have taken place in the life sciences industry in 2014, providing a visual snapshot of where the industry currently stands and what the impact on supply chain of M&A activity could be 

West Coast ports – 92% of manufacturers, retailers and LSPs see continuation in labor disruptions
As disruptions become more commonplace for supply chain professionals, eft decided to deep-dive into one of the disruptions affecting a number of executives we collaborate with

Must Big Data have Big Costs: Understanding your Supply Chain
After his immensely popular, 3 part, Internet of Things article, Steve Brady offers his latest thoughts on Big Data and the importance of understanding its role in operations today 

Supply Chain Plays Major Role in the US Dollar Discount Retail Sector
With the discount dollar sector growing, and consolidation taking place between the big players a successful supply chain is critical to keep the shelves stocked and prices low

U.S. Economy Rebounds Despite International Unrest
John Wagner accompanies his latest set of figures from the industry with some brief commentary and his opinions about the statistics 

Logistics Contracts - A Quick Step to Help Ensure You Get Paid
The importance of getting the paperwork right cannot be overstated. Many problems and disputes arise simply because this has been overlooked 

Strategic Acquisition in the USA by Norbert Dentressangle
Norbert Dentressangle and the private equity firm Oak Hill Capital Partners announced today that they have signed an agreement to acquire all the shares of the U.S. logistics and transport company Jacobson

CEVA Holdings LLC Results for the Second Quarter
CEVA Holdings LLC, one of the world’s leading non‐asset based supply chain management companies, today reported results for the three months ended 30 June 2014 

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