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Euromax’s first scheduled rail shuttle arrives; new container scanner in operation

The new Euromax Teminal at Rotterdam Maasvlakte has handled its first scheduled and dedicated rail shuttle, and Customs has installed a new scanner with a capacity of 150 containers per hour

Last Tuesday, the new Euromax terminal at Rotterdam Maasvlakte handled its first scheduled and dedicated rail shuttle The 86 TEU capacity train connects the marine terminal directly with the inland terminal of Venlo in the south of The Netherlands, not far from Duisburg

Terminal operator ECT plans to start a second shuttle soon It already runs more than twenty trains a week between Venlo and the Delta and City terminals

The terminal also handles Intercontainer Austria (ICA) trains to and from Wells in Austria and the GTO port shuttle into the city area

Euromax expects to announce more dedicated scheduled services in due course

The on dock rail terminal currently comprises six 750-meter tracks worked by two RMG's Expansion plans include increasing this to twelve tracks

In related news, Customs has installed a new scanner at the Euromax terminal, which can scan 150 containers per hour, compared with scanners used elsewhere on the Maasvlakte that scan twenty containers per hour

The time saving is a result of new technology that allows the driver to remain in the vehicle The intensity of the radiation is low, and drivers would have to pass through the scanner 10,000 times a year in order to reach the legal maximum for radiation exposure The entire port scans approximately 50,000 containers each year

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