Hi-Tech SCM Leaders Gathering in Munich – LG Electronics, Nokia, Vodafone, Bosch, Microsoft, ABB, Liberty Global, IBM

Leading supply chain executives from some of hi-tech’s most exciting companies are due to gather at the leading Hi-Tech Supply Chain Summit (1-2 June, Munich)

The 11th Hi-Tech Supply Chain Summit is a unique gathering of supply chain leaders and innovators from some of the biggest consumer-facing tech manufacturers. This is an unmissable opportunity to get insight into how the latest SC technology is disrupting supply chain operations at the world’s biggest consumer-tech manufacturers.

Click here to see the full speaker list and attendees confirmed: http://events.eft.com/hitech/

Event Highlights Include:

  • Discover how Liberty Global are leveraging Industry 4.0 technology to automate key processes through machine learning, AI and the IoT to design a lean, efficient manufacturing hub
  • Discover how IBM are utilizing new cognitive capabilities to automate key supply chain processes to reduce costs, ensure greater reliability and increase customer satisfaction
  • Understand how Nokia futureproofing their supply chain by ensuring standardisation throughout to enable seamless integrations with new cloud-based solutions

Click here to see the attendees set to join the event, and register: http://events.eft.com/hitech/

With industry-critical topics set to be addressed, many leading executives from major hi-tech companies have already secured their passes to the event.

Confirmed attendees include:

  • Dr. Jan-Philipp Weers, Project Director Truck Parking, Bosch
  • Christian Hülsewig, Head of Worldwide Fulfilment,Microsoft
  • Mark Meddows, Group VP Operational Transformation, ABB
  • Gabriel Mesas, Director Supply Chain, LG Electronics
  • Frank Tenbusch, Vice President Global Supply Chain Management, Vodafone
  • Willem Vesters, VP Global Supply Chain Planning, Liberty Global
  • Padraig Healy, VP Supply Chain, Nokia
  • Matthias Graefe, Director of Global Supply Chain Transformation, IBM
  • Olivier Libert, Supply Chain Director, Airties
  • Pascal Fernandez, VP Avnet Velocity, Avnet
  • Carlo Baus, Global Strategic Procurement Manager, Bose
  • Danny Tucker, Global Supply Chain Sales Operations Professional, Epson

These executives will be among over 120 discussing industry critical hi-tech supply chain questions at the upcoming Hi-tech Supply Chain Summit (1-2 June, Munich).

Reduced price passes are passes are available for supply chain and operations executives working for hi-tech manufacturers and retailers. Click here to find out more on information and registration:  http://events.eft.com/hitech/


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