COVID-19: Supply Chain Risk Management

Coronavirus exposes fragilities and the interconnectedness of the supply chain system putting ‘risk’ atop board level agendas globally. When we return to the ‘new normal’, how will the relationship between risk and supply chain optimization unfold?

Join experts Josh Buchanan, Director, Supply Chain Design & Innovation, Walmart, Tim Danks, VP, Risk, Huawei, Gary Allen, VP of Supply Chain Excellence, Ryder System, Loudon Owen, CEO and Chair, DLT Global and Brant Matthews, VP Global Strategic Sourcing, McCormick and Co who share lessons on how to:

  • Assess your global sourcing model, including geographic diversification of sourcing partners, and weighing-up offshoring VS onshoring, considering expertise and material availability, production flexibility and transport costs
  • Address the need for resilience in your supply chain network design, including scenario analysis to ensure your supply chain is resilient in the face of future disruption
  • Identify opportunities to improve transparency along your supply chain to increase revenue and reduce operating costs
  • Map out your global supply chains to identify the scope for prudent choices in the selection and location of suppliers, diversifying modes and regions to de-risk your operation
  • Evaluate visibility and inventory policies, considering the cost-benefit of Just-in-Time Vs Just-in-Case manufacturing and the trade-off between system responsiveness, optionality and inventory management costs

Friday, May 22, 2020